The Future of International Surrogacy

+-*As surrogacy becomes a more familiar route to parenthood, for both same-sex couples and infertile heterosexual intended parents, surrogacy industry expert Sam Everingham looks at what drives parents to engage overseas, assesses the Thailand shutdown in 2014, and considers future projections.

Three Parents Babies Explained

+-*Everybody is talking about how Britain is to become the first country in the world to allow the creation of ‘three-parent babies’, after MPs voted in favour of the technique of mitochondrial donation at the start of February. But what does this really mean?

Egg Donation – Introducing IVF Spain

+-*We are thrilled to offer IVF Spain back into Fertility Journeys – the Alicante based clinic having been a prominent partner for us throughout 2014.

Male Infertility – Introducing Androferti

+-*January 2015 sees the UK launch of Androferti, which has been tested in clinical trials to show it can improve sperm quality to increase pregnancy rates. It has been used across Europe for many years by couples trying to conceive spontaneously, and by those who want to increase their chances of success with assisted fertility treatment.