Oregon Reproductive Medicine
Fertility Journey

Achieving Higher Success Rates With IVF cycles

03/05/2016 James Evans 0

Oregon Reproductive Medicine have selected a couple for its Fertility Journey – a donor egg IVF cycle with an ORM donor. While this is ongoing we share some of the elements that contribute to achieving consistently high success rates in IVF cycles.

Dr Herrera
Fertility Journey

Free Egg Donation Treatment With IVF Spain

01/03/2016 James Evans 0

As a new Fertility Journey begins we explain how you can get involved; while in the clinic’s Alicante base, we reveal the incredible news that last year’s patients, Anita and Simon, are in their 12th week of pregnancy.

IVF Treatment Klinikk Hausken
Fertility Journey

IVF Treatment With Klinikk Hausken

28/01/2016 Mike Roberts 0

With a strong legacy connected to IVF and over 20 years’ experience Dr Jon Hausken founded Klinikk Hausken in 2006. Over the years the clinic has become the largest private IVF clinic not just based on number of clients, but also on birth success rates.

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