Achieving Higher Success Rates With IVF cycles
Oregon Reproductive Medicine have selected a couple for its Fertility Journey – a donor egg IVF cycle with an ORM donor. While this is ongoing we share some of the elements that contribute to achieving consistently high success rates in IVF cycles. Founded in 1989 with the goal of... Read more
Norway’s Klinikk Hausken is the newest clinic to get involved in our Fertility Journeys project and they reveal how they hope to help more than just one couple to become parents!
THE CLINIC We are so excited to be joining this year’s Fertility Journey, and we are getting closer by the day to choosing the couple who will go on this journey with us. We are proud to introduce Norway and our clinic to the chosen couple. For 12 years... Read more
The Fertility Glow: An 8 Week Video Based Holistic Fertility Programme
As our latest Fertility Road reader begins, founder Kim Sjoblad takes a few minutes to explain the network that sits behind her highly respected Fertility Glow programme. The specialisation of fertility-based medicine is rapidly expanding into nutritional and complementary medicine as a whole. When working so intimately at this... Read more
Free Egg Donation Treatment With IVF Spain

As a new Fertility Journey begins we explain how you can get involved; while in the clinic’s Alicante base, we reveal the incredible news that last year’s patients, Anita and Simon, are in their 12th week of pregnancy.

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IVF Spain Fertility Journey Couple Anita and Simon Confirm Pregnancy

We have big news from Spain. Not only are IVF Spain relaunching their egg donation Fertility Journeys programme for a third year, but Anita and Simon are pregnant!

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Christina produced 13 eggs – she donated six eggs and kept the rest for her own use ICSI was performed on six eggs, five achieved fertilisation and four embryos were frozen at the two pronuclear stage Lister Fertility’s Dr Thum says following on from the last issue Christina has... Read more
IVF Spain Return As Our Official Fertility Journey Clinic Partners

For our first update we visit our official clinic partners IVF Spain, following Anita and Simon’s challenging journey with the Alicante-based experts.

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IVF Treatment With Klinikk Hausken

With a strong legacy connected to IVF and over 20 years’ experience Dr Jon Hausken founded Klinikk Hausken in 2006. Over the years the clinic has become the largest private IVF clinic not just based on number of clients, but also on birth success rates.

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Join The Fertility Glow Programme
This one-of-a-kind program combines cutting-edge scientific research with holistic teachings 8-week comprehensive online video-based program Everything you need to know about male and female infertility Techniques to help you manage the stress, anxiety and negative feelings associated with infertility Submit your details below to work with Kim Sjoblad and... Read more
IVF Spain Couple Darlene and Richard Share Their Pregnancy News

In the November/December issue we thought we’d take the time to introduce Darlene and Richard.

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