Fertility Journey

Leah and James Elliott Welcome Little Joseph Jake Cruz

Leah Elliott

It brought to a close an incredible year for Leah and her partner James, who were struggling with secondary infertility and looking to find an alternative to IVF by tapping into the skill, expertise and insight of Russell Davis, who has helped countless clients conquer psychological gremlins in order to conceive.

Introducing Fertility Glow

Fertility Glow

We’re delighted to introduce another new Fertility Journeys partner and invite applicants who would like to work with Kim Sjoblad on the fantastic Fertility Glow holistic program. This is an eight-week online project, so we are inviting applications regardless of location.

Fertility Journeys 2015 Update

Introducing Fertility Journeys 2015

It’s been another busy couple of months for our Fertility Journeys project. You may have seen Leah Elliott and partner James Born – who together had a beautiful baby boy after working with cognitive hypnotherapist Russell Davis – across national…
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Antioxidants And Male Infertility

Antioxidants are a range of food components (such as vitamins C and E) that can effectively neutralise the damaging effects of another class of molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are produced naturally by the body and are important in fighting infection, whilst also regulating cells that become too old. But in the male reproductive system they can also damage sperm and are thought to play a role in the infertility of some men.

Male Infertility With Androferti

Introducing Fertility Journeys 2015

Nutrition and supplements are widely used to try to improve sperm quality, mostly based on research into individual ingredients. The clinical studies showing Androferti’s benefits are based on its unique formulation of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which takes account of how those ingredients react with each other within the body.

Fertility Monitoring With DuoFertility

Introducing Fertility Journeys 2015

We’re passionate about helping couples achieve natural conception and are proud to partner with Fertility Road in the Fertility Journeys product for 2015. What’s on offer are three programme places for individuals/couples, each of whom will receive the entire DuoFertility service free of charge.

Egg Donation With IVF Spain

Introducing Fertility Journeys 2015

We were delighted to welcome IVF Spain back in as one of our Fertility Journeys partners for 2015. The Alicante-based clinic are offering to repeat the incredible egg donation programme they first introduced last year with Fertility Road readers Emma and Craig.