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Chris & Anne Last Weekend Alone

Oregon’s Chris and Anne Welcome Their Baby Girl

We are excited to announce the birth of Chris and Anne’s baby girl – the first Fertility Journey baby with Oregon Reproductive Medicine. Now...
Klinikk Hausken

Fertility Journeys 2017: Klinikk Hausken Offer Another Couple The Chance For Free IVF Treatment

After their successful pregnancy with last years’ couple Terri & Kerian, the Klinikk Hausken team are ready to help another couple start a family...
IVF In Spain

Fertility Journeys 2017: IVF Spain Offer Another Couple The Chance For Free Treatment

We are very pleased to welcome back for the 4th consecutive year our exclusive Spanish partner IVF Spain for a new Fertility Journey. Tone writes... I...
Anne Pregnant

Fertility Journey Donor Egg IVF Update With Chris and Anne

We follow-up with Chris and Anne who are in Anne’s third trimester, having become pregnant on their first donor egg IVF cycle at Oregon...
Chris and Anne

Fertility Journey update: Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Anne writes… Although we had been reassured about how treatment would work using a US clinic and needing support in the UK, it was difficult...
Fertility Journey Chris & Anne

Fertility Journey update: Oregon Reproductive Medicine’s Chris & Anne

Earlier in 2016, Oregon Reproductive Medicine selected a couple to be a part of our unique Fertility Journeys project. We follow up with Chris...
Terri & Kieran Scan

Fertility Journey update: Klinikk Hausken’s couple Terri & Kieran

We're so excited to announce... Klinikk Hausken couple Kieran and Terri are just over 15 weeks pregnant. Terri writes… Since our last update it’s been a...
Fertility Journey

Fertility Journey Update: IVF Spain’s couple Em & Julie

IVF Spain’s couple Em & Julie are due to start their treatment in October. We caught up with them after their initial visit in...
Kieran & Terri McDonnell

Klinikk Hauskens Couple Terri & Kieran Update

It’s time for our next catch up with our couple, Terri and Kieran with the latest news on their pregnancy. Terri writes… Since our last update...
Em & Julie

IVF Spain welcome new couple Em and Julie

After the successful outcome of last year’s Fertility Journey with IVF Spain, we’re delighted to announce that Em and Julie are coming to us...

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