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My name is Pamela I'm 36 and live with my husband Ian who's 39 in Scotland. I want to tell you about our story which unfortunately is still awaiting a Fairytale ending. Ian and I met through friends when I...
Mike and Sarah Leigh-Bergin might be separated in age by 26 years, but share a passion to start a family. Here, Sarah tells Fertility Road readers about the couple’s memorable journey so far with Norwegian IVF experts Klinikk Hausken. Like...
I was 29 and my maternal cravings were getting stronger by the day. I had always loved kids, dreamed of being a mummy (this started as young as 10), and had spend many hours, weeks, months babysitting, au-pairing around...
Ralph Waldo Emerson is often quoted as saying, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” It’s a nice sentiment, but for anyone who has ever battled through infertility, you know the destination of a baby in your arms is...
Jenni and husband Dale have endured so much to achieve their dreams of starting a family. Five years of treatment, including 19 IVF attempts, followed by the tragic loss of twins at 19 weeks, but ultimately celebrating the healthy...
I am 39 and my husband, Swarn, is 42, and the path to parenthood has been a 12-year journey for us, but one that finally gave us a happy ending in 2010. Right back at the start, around the time...

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