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Making the decision to have a baby could be the most important decision you ever make. The decision should be based on responsibility, maturity, a loving marriage, and the ability to make sacrifices.No one should ever go into being a parent half-heartedly. Children must be an all-or-nothing decision and if you aren’t sure you are ready, please give it some thought first.But, if you are in a loving, committed relationship and think you are ready to have a child together, here are some things to consider before you make that final decision:

1. What kinds of sacrifices are you willing to make to be able to afford having a baby?

Babies and children have needs that can be expensive? Are you financially prepared for a baby at this time in your life?

2. Is your marriage strong enough to withstand the stress of rearing children?

Raising a child can put added stress on a marriage. Make sure you and your partner are both committed 100% to this idea and to each other.

3. Will you put parenting first?

Are you a giver or a taker? Your baby will need you to give your all and then some, especially in the beginning.

4. Are you a good example?

Are you someone you child could look up to? Do you exude respect and responsibility?

5. Can you discipline with a loving heart?

Discipline is so important to raising a child. Decide how you wish to approach discipline before you have to give it?

6. Do you own a home?

This is something to consider. If you are not in a financial position to own your own home are you in a financial position to have a child? Maybe you are choosing to rent or have not made the leap, but it may also be because your financial world is a mess. Make sure you know before you leap into parenthood.


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