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After The Mid Essex clinical commissioning group (CCG), which covers Chelmsford, Maldon and Braintree announced back in September 2014 that they are making cuts to NHS fertility funding for specialist treatments it was only a matter of time before CCG...
When you realise it is taking longer than it should to get pregnant, the first thing you want to know is why you're having difficulties. Conception is a complex business and there are any number of things that can...
Despite the name, it doesn’t actually involve any scratching at all, as Mostafa Metwally, a consultant at Jessop Fertility in Sheffield explains, “This technique has been used for some time in women who have had repeated unsuccessful IVF cycles and we think that by using some very mild form of endometrial trauma.
Auxogyn’s non-invasive Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test (Eeva) may improve in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes by providing IVF clinics and patients with objective information on embryo viability. Eeva’s proprietary software automatically analyzes embryo development against scientifically and clinically validated...
Having blastocyst culture significantly increases the success rate, even when single embryo transfer is used routinely, according to the most recent data on NHS patients released by Cambridge’s Bourn Hall Clinic. The East of England was the first commissioning group...
Yep that really sucks doesn’t it? Especially after everything you have had to endure over the last few weeks. Why is it always one step forward, two steps back? You are starting your cycle and are pumped, motivated, excited and...
“I’m not a scientist. I try not to have an opinion on what is happening in IVF today. There will always be people criticising those who are doing something new. I think it is important to leave this sort...
A new low-cost IVF treatment developed at the University of Colorado Boulder that has performed successfully in recent human clinical trials in Belgium may help thousands of infertile couples in developing countries.
The fertility journey can often be a confusing road with a complex information to make sense of. The process can sometimes be difficult because it’s hard to know what the right action is for you and your partner.
Aѕ kidѕ, we all lеаrnеd about thе birdѕ and thе bееѕ. But we рrоbаblу didn’t learn еnоugh аbоut fertility tо know hоw bаbiеѕ саn bе conceived whеn nаturе dоеѕn’t work perfectly. Hеrе, then, thе 411 оn in vitro fеrtilizаtiоn. Yоu’vе probably...

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