EEva Embryos Tests

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Auxogyn’s non-invasive Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test (Eeva) may improve in vitro fertilization (IVF) outcomes by providing IVF clinics and patients with objective information on embryo viability. Eeva’s proprietary software automatically analyzes embryo development against scientifically and clinically validated cell-division timing parameters. With Eeva’s quantitative data on each embryo’s development potential, IVF clinics can optimize the treatment path for their patients undergoing IVF procedures.

When used with traditional embryo assessment techniques, Eeva may give IVF clinics and their patients the potential to improve clinical success. With greater opportunity for success, it may be possible to reduce multiple births by enabling single embryo transfer for a large number of patients.

Eeva is a non-invasive test that provides quantitative information on embryo viability that may guide treatment paths and improve patient outcomes. Eeva is designed to fit into most standard IVF incubators and routine lab workflow.

The Eeva Dish contains microwells which enable Eeva to track the individual development of each embryo and allow embryos to grow under group culture technique.

The Eeva Scope fits into most standard IVF incubators and provides automatic dark-field image capture and cell-division tracking without intervention by the embryologist or excessive light exposure to the embryos.

The Eeva Scope Screen fits on the outside of the incubator and allows the embryologist to control each Eeva Patient Session and view the latest images without opening the incubator or disturbing the embryos.

Eeva automatically analyzes embryo development against scientifically and clinically validated cell-division timing parameters and predicts the future viability of each embryo by Day 2. The quantitative, objective data from Eeva, in conjunction with standard morphology grading, may enable IVF clinics to make better informed decisions regarding embryo selection and the optimal patient treatment pathway.

Using the Eeva Station, images and videos for each Eeva Patient Session can be easily reviewed. The downloadable reports and videos may aid when counseling patients and improve the overall patient experience.


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