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Whether you’re looking to counter unexplained infertility or simply embarking on your first, tentative steps towards parenthood, one of the knee-jerk reactions for many couples is to invest in every gadget, supplement and expert opinion going.

Knowledge is indeed key, no matter what point you are at along your journey, but even for those who see IVF as the only way forward, that next step needn’t cost the earth.

From the very start, you need to have the right information.

Fortunately, fertility is an established science that’s come a long way from the old wives’ tales that populated so much of what it was to produce children in generations past.

Nowadays, UK couples have the world’s best resource in the form of the NHS. Every man, woman and child in the UK has a right to free medical treatment and advice on the NHS, and seeing a doctor (and fertility specialist preferably although not essentially) should be the first point on the checklist for any couple trying to conceive.

They’ll cover all the basics and, if anything’s wrong medically, will put you on the right track to sorting those problems out. Of course, when it comes to conception, men are just as important as women, so make sure you go together, as a team.

Once you have conceived, don’t be a stranger! Even the most minor of queries should be addressed with a healthcare professional, so treat the NHS (or equivalent) as your best friend.

And while you’ll never be able to parallel the experience and knowledge of a professional, treat the internet as a close second. The wisdom of backing up the spoken word with printed material is well known, so your next appointment should be with your favourite search engine.

You can read the rest of Fertility For A Fiver  in Issue 16 of Fertility Road.

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