Tina decide Egg Donation and IVF Treatment to conceive her second child If there’s one topic bound to get the moral guardians all of a fluster, it’s the question of what exactly is an acceptable age for a woman to have...
The decision to travel abroad for IVF treatment is not always an easy one. People travel abroad for a number of reasons. It may be that they believe treatment will be cheaper abroad, or it may be that the...
The whole notion of egg and sperm donation is still very taboo in the UK says singer and presenter Liz McClarnon How often is it the case that you don t think about a particular issue until it is thrust...
According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, an average one in four IVF pregnancies is a multiple pregnancy compared to one in 80 for women who conceive naturally. Due to the health issues associated with multiple pregnancies, medical...
Part Two in our exclusive series on undertaking these types of fertility treatment away from home sees us examine the idea of obtaining donor eggs from abroad, as Carrie Dunn investigates... According to the National Gamete Donation Trust, around...

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