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Fertility Network Support

Fertility Network UK support services

Facing fertility problems can be one of the most deeply isolating experiences imaginable. Everywhere you look others are pregnant or enjoying their children: on...
Reproductive Genomics

Putting Reproductive Genomics at the Heart Of IVF Treatment

Dr. Elizabeth Barbieri of Oregon Reproductive Medicine explains some of the incredible advances in reproductive genomics that are now at the heart of IVF...
Czech Men Fertility

Male Fertility Among Czech Men On The Up

Czech men's fertility is on a good level since this year's research has not confirmed earlier warnings of their falling fertility, Michal Pohanka, director...
Reproductive Genomincs

Making Sense of Reproductive Genomics

Founded in 1989 with the goal of building the best fertility programme possible, ORM is globally recognised for its consistently high live birth success...
IVF Families hand in hand

Donor Egg IVF Choosing for Success

Craig Reisser from Oregon Reproductive Medicine offers his eexpert advice for intended parents on what to consider to have the best chance for success...
Project to educate teenagers about fertility issues

Project to educate teenagers about fertility issues

Headed by Reproduction specialist Dr Geeta Nargund, the project includes fertility modules that cover basic biology, information about egg decline and lifestyle factors, like...
Sunscreen Weakens Sperm

Does Sunscreen Weaken Sperm?

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen discovered that filters commonly used in sunscreens to absorb ultraviolet light could affect male fertility by stopping sperm...
IVF Boost

IVF Boost For Women Over 30

Fertility doctors have applied for permission to use a controversial IVF procedure that promises to dramatically improve the chances of women older than 30 having babies by 'rejuvenating' their eggs.
Trying To Conceive

Trying to conceive – are these fertility problems stopping you?

Fertility expert Professor William Ledger sees many couples hoping to get pregnant. “Have a happy sex life,” is his top tip for anyone trying...
Get Pregnant Pregnancy Calculator

What Are My Chances of Getting Pregnant?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to fertility is ‘What are my chances of getting pregnant?’ On average the odds that a woman will get pregnant in a typical monthly cycle are 15-25% but there are many variables that can affect these statistics and there is plenty you can do to help them increase.

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How Chinese Medicine helped me start a family

A growing body of evidence support the role of traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment.After two years of struggling to conceive naturally, Ms Tran...