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A healthy body and mind is essential if you want to conceive a healthy baby

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A healthy body and mind is essential if you want to conceive a healthy baby

What you eat, and how you exercise and live while trying to conceive, are as important now as they will be when you’re pregnant, so it’s time to get into good habits.

A healthy diet will give you all the nutrients to support your reproductive system, while the right amount of exercise – not too much and not too little – will help the mind and boost your circulation, whilst helping you to maintain a healthy weight before, during and after pregnancy.

Here are our top tips for getting you into the healthiest pre-conception shape ever. Every little bit helps when it comes to fertility so it’s time to take control of the controllable and make your family dreams come true.

Load up on the green stuff
Greens like brussels sprouts, spinach and kale are great sources of folate, a key B vitamin that helps prevent neural tube defects, including spina bifida, during the earliest stages of foetal development.

But this doesn’t mean you have to eat boring veggies every day. There are plenty of tasty ways to prepare greens. Tear pieces of kale, sprinkle them with olive oil and natural sea salt, and roast in the oven for crunchy kale crisps. Or stuff a chicken breast with mozzarella and spinach, and serve with brown rice and a salad. Get into good habits now so once you do conceive you can carry on feeding you and your baby all the right nutrients.

Strengthen your core
When you fall pregnant, it’s inevitable that your tummy will grow, your breasts will get bigger and your centre of gravity will shift, which can cause a strain on other parts of your body, like your back and pelvis. So, aim to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles now, and you’ll be less likely to have back pain later.

Core training has other benefits too, as having a strong core gives you better balance and posture, both of which are crucial when pregnant.

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Lucy is a personal trainer, nutritionist and kid's fitness specialist. She was previously the Nutrition and Fitness Editor at Men’s Fitness before working at Health & Fitness as their Fitness Editor. She loves nothing more than looking after her body and helping others to reach their goals too. She is also an expert in pre and post-natal fitness and expecting a bouncing baby girl in January 2014.

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