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The second time around – Dealing with Secondary Infertility

Confirming a secondary infertility diagnosis or feeling comfortable accepting an identity, can be as settling as it can be distressing. After weeks, months, sometimes...
Fertility Friendly Lifestyle

Living A Fertility Friendly Lifestyle

Sadly fertility issues are on the rise. Why is it and how can we slow down or stop that increase?What if we’re having issues...
Care providers affect chances of getting pregnant

Why having the right care provider can drastically affect your chances of getting pregnant

Here’s the thing: I am not anti doctor. I think many elements of western medicine are awesome and necessary and thank god they exist...

Preconception care boosts your health and fertility

Fertility issues are on the rise. Sadly. Why is it so and how can we slow down or stop that increase? What if we’re...
Baby Blues

Does postnatal depression affect your future fertility?

A new study has shown that postnatal depression may affect a woman’s future fertility, highlighting the need for more awareness and support for new...
Benefit of Hindsight

Five things I wish I knew on our fertility journey

Russell Davies shares some of the useful wisdom he gained on his personal fertility journey.My wife and I had a 10-year infertility journey. Initially...
The Power of Words

The power of words

When I was going through my IVF treatments, I would sit at home each evening and write about the day's progress – how many...

Fertility Frustration? Jeff Brazier Offers Advice To Couples On Their Fertility Journey

Life coach Jeff Brazier offers sound advice to couples who have experienced a setback on their fertility journey, helping them get back on the road to recovery.
Dealing With IVF Failure

Helping People Cope With IVF Failure

A Harvard Medical School study demonstrated that the stress levels of women experiencing infertility were equivalent to those with AIDS, cancer and heart...

Using Acupuncture To Support Female and Male Fertility

I have spent the past 20+ years supporting hundreds of couples on the path to becoming parents. Whether trying naturally or going through IVF...

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How Chinese Medicine helped me start a family

A growing body of evidence support the role of traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment.After two years of struggling to conceive naturally, Ms Tran...